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Our customer
Our customer is a high tech player in open source hybrid software development. It delivers an agile development and deployment platform that allows development of Java applications easier and faster running both native under Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac as well as in a Web browser or the cloud.
Modern functionalities as Angular, websockets, web components and data connections are standard features and do not need to be programmed. The development and deployment platform itself is written in Java while as 'developer language' JavaScript is used. The platform consists of Developer (development), Application Server (deployment and database connection) and Smart Client/Web Client (at end user device).
The platform is already used by more than 200 software houses to develop vertical and horizontal business applications and by developers within organizations for custom software and integration with ERP and financial systems. Daily more than 200,000 end users are using applications based on technolgy of this development platform.

Our customer has corporate offices in Amsterdam and in Los Angeles and serves more than 40 countries with a network of distributors and development partners. Keywords that fit with this organization are: innovative, passionate, creative and progressive.

Description function, responsibilities
As DevOps Consultant you support customers to deploy, monitor and optimize their cloud environment. This applies to the entire OTAP environment based on this technology. You support in optimizing and scaling the customer production environment. Doing so you work closely with product development to share your OPS knowledge.

In this role you are responsible for monitoring and managing delivered functionalities. Additionally you will take care for the design and implementation of an appropriate infrastructure, security, usability, etc.
It's your style to focus continuously on improvements of the development and management processes and it is your challenge to take care for an optimal transition from development to operations.
In this role you don’t need deep knowledge of Java, but you are able to write the necessary Javascripts.

Characteristics function and environment:
- Location: Amsterdam;
- Use of Agile and Scrum;
- Continuous delivery, 24 x 7;
- Java, JavaScript, databases, cloud;
- Not a specialist in one specific technology;
- Focus on development and operations;
- Partner towards customer, provides experiences, coach in optimizing solutions;
- Contributes to complete cloud with state of the art technology.

- OPS at heart;
- At least HBO + work & thinking level;
- Extensive experience with Agile and Scrum;
- Of course proven affinity with both operations and development;
- Knowledge of/experience with management tools such as Nagios, Splunk, Docker;
- Excellent communication skills.

What makes this position interesting for you?

- Innovative, fast growing and solid organization;
- Independent role in an international environment;
- Customers in various industries;
- Young, technically driven team with an informal work atmosphere;
- Steep learning curve;
- Small and compact organization;
- Excellent working conditions.
When you are interested in this position, please send your details to Dit e-mail adres is beschermd door spambots, u heeft Javascript nodig om dit onderdeel te kunnen bekijken .

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